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With an emphasis on clean, front-end code, and optimized website user experience design, Stormcrow Digital can help your business or start-up with SEO, UX/UI, Product Management, Product Design, Marketing and Ecommerce.

What we do

With over fifteen years of experience, Stormcrow Digital helps businesses optimize their websites for SEO, User Experience and User Interface Design. We also provide Product Management and technology integration services for Ecommerce, Websites and Mobile apps. We help businesses with Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and create winning Marketing Plans.


We’ll optimize the technical, UX, mobile friendliness, and content flow of your website to achieve high organic search engine page placement.


We can help you set up your online shop and find the best ecommerce platform, merchandise and market your products online.

Product Management

We “speak” developer and work with your developers, web designers, contractors, and IT department to ensure your website workflow is within your budget.

Brand Marketing

We can work with you to help your brand find it’s digital voice. We’ve re-branded TV shows, a cable network,  a toy manufacturer, and many more.

Content Marketing

We can help you automate your content marketing plan to yield results with social media, email campaigns, landing pages and marketing technology.

Marketing Plans

With experience in traditional and digital marketing, we’ll help you come up with a comprehensive approach for finding new customers that can save money on your marketing budget.

Content is King

This has never been truer than today. From the newest search engine requirements and emphasis on fresh, unique and relevant content, a fresh content strategy is the most economical way to improve your company’s marketing ROI.

We’ve led digital product management, SEO, marketing strategy, created eye-catching Press kits and events, led content strategy, social media and produced video for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) in the following industries: Web-based SAAS CMS (B2B), Furniture (B2B), Toys (B2B & B2C), Eyewear (B2C), Ecommerce for Art Supplies (B2C), Higher Education (B2C), Fashion (B2C), Music (B2C), Film (B2C), TV (B2C) and Software (B2C).

Our Latest Project

BOOMITY is a SaaS Subscription, Fully Hosted & Managed CMS with Ecommerce Platform for growing businesses. We headed up all stages of Product Design and mapped out a new product roadmap for this San Francisco based start-up. We executed this Product Roadmap by providing Product Management, Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Content, front-end development,  and SEO services for this client.

Our Clients

We speak Google. In addition to the latest SEO techniques, we can help you set-up and run digital ad campaigns, web analytics tools, A/B testing, and customer journey optimization and social media campaigns.

Ecommerce Specialists

Want to increase conversions in your ecommerce shop? Improve your customer funnel so that site visitors turn into site customers?  We can help.

We’ve helped $100 million a year ecommerce companies double their conversion rates and have run ecommerce operations from start-up through launch for large corporations and small micro businesses. We can help you achieve success no matter what size of online shop you’re running.




From Our Clients

We’ve been lucky enough to work with clients in the entertainment industry, education, ecommerce, manufacturing and software as a service. Here’s what a few of them have said.

Working with Carlene was an awesome experience. I truly valued her enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge she brought to every project we worked on together. I was impressed with her knowledge of UX/UI design, cutting edge web technology and design sense. She is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to remain calm and focused while working through stressful projects is unparalleled. In a short period of time she proved her value in supporting the Marketing team, while leading IT efforts. Every company deserves to have a Carlene.

Leif Swenson

Senior UX Designer, Ocusun, LLC (DBA - Zenni Optical)

Carlene is a multi-dimensional development talent who delivers solutions and profits. Her SEO and online marketing efforts brought us to #1 on Google, increased our web traffic by 400%, and our web revenue by 300%. She is a proven digital-frontier trail-blazer!

Elaine Kollias

Creative Director, Folkmanis Puppets

Carlene gets results. She is capable of handling the most difficult tasks from beginning of a project to completion. Her diverse background, knowledge, and maturity brings a perspective not often found in this business environment. I worked with Carlene on the re-design of the BOOMITY platform. She brings an incredible depth of expertise as a leader. We are a small team and Carlene fit right in, took charge of the project and took a commanding lead in greatly improving our platform. She is knowledgeable in numerous areas beyond just project development. Her understanding of SEO, ecommerce, the use of video, and online marketing is highly valuable to any organization. I will continue to work with Carlene whenever possible and would recommend her to anyone that needs a product developer lead to do so as well.

David Siskin


Carlene is a great manager and team leader, she is very positive, encouraging and fun to work with. She always shows her appreciation to her team members, and open to hear others’ opinions. She has a lot of experience in many different fields and willing to share her knowledge with others. I truly appreciate being a part of her team.

Xinyi Ariel Ridley

Event Marketing Professional, McKesson

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