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With an emphasis on clean front-end code and optimized website user experience design, Stormcrow Digital provides consulting services for SEO, UX/UI, Brand, Marketing, Product Management, Product Design and Ecommerce for businesses and start-ups.

We work with online shops, B2B / B2C and start-ups by creating a business plans, investor pitches, marketing plans, help with ecommerce technology, product integrations, and operations workflows. We also consult on traditional marketing for companies by mapping out and leading event marketing, PR and traditional media advertising and production.



Today’s website SEO is about much more than keyword research and backlinks. Stormcrow Digital can optimize the technical, UX, mobile friendliness and content flow of your website to achieve high organic search engine page placement.


With over 12 years of B2B and B2C ecommerce management experience, we have expertise on ecommerce operations from the technical back-end, to shipping and marketing and marketplace, (ie: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay) integration. We can help you set up your online shop and find the best platform to merchandise and market your products online.

Product Management

We help busy executives communicate their vision to technical teams. We “speak” developer and will work with your engineers, web designers, contractors, and IT department to ensure your website workflow is within your budget. We’ll handle the technical document requirements for mobile, ecommerce and the web.

Digital Marketing

With an emphasis on using technology to target your next customer, we can help you set-up and run digital ad campaigns, web analytics tools, A/B testing, and customer journey optimization. We’re here to help you with your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

We’ve created award-winning content for TV, Film, and digital streaming for Entertainment companies and manufacturers. We can help you automate your content marketing plan to yield results with social media, email campaigns, landing pages and marketing automation technology.

Marketing Plans

We’ve helped brands establish and execute marketing plans in both traditional media and online marketing. With experience in event marketing, print, TV, catalogs, and re-branding, we can help your business develop a comprehensive approach for finding new customers that can save you time and money.

Let us help you provide the cost-saving roadmap to achieve success for your company’s digital footprint. We’ve helped clients double their ecommerce conversion rates, launched new B2B inititives for CRM, and completely revamped a B2B SAAS digital product.

Our Pricing

While these prices are not set in stone we offer the following services for a flat rate. We can also offer hourly services at $125 to $165 an hour depending upon the service. If you are representing a non-profit, please contact us, we’d love to work with you and like to do yearly pro bono work for good causes.

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