Marketing, PR, Event Marketing, Graphic design


We performed oversight of SEO, product descriptions, website content, and B2B ecommerce content marketing. Trade show showroom marketing, Supervised writing, graphic design, catalog production, print ads and PR for eurostyle, a modern furniture manufacturer.


April – Oct 2015
San Rafael, CA


Marketing Plan
Event Management
B2B Ecommerce
Public Relations
Print Production

Carlene spearheaded the use of Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, daily stand-ups and Agile Lean Marketing Methodologies. Also led collaboration between the marketing team, design team and the product design team.
Carlene also supervised and contributed to the production of the company’s print catalog, print magazine ads, and display advertising for a major wholesale trade show. She also helped to freshen the look of the company’s permanent showroom in the Las Vegas Design Center.

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