How to get your business to Rank Higher on Google and Improve SEO – Part 3

How to get your business to Rank Higher on Google and Improve SEO – Part 3

How to get a Google Knowledge Panel for your Brand or Online-only business

Google Knowledge Panels are rich results that show up as sidebar panels when a user “Googles” your business. Getting a knowledge panel is easier for location-based businesses than for online-only businesses. A location-based business is a business which has a physical address and either customers come to this location to do business, or employees of the company travel to meet with customers to perform services or deliveries from the business. (See this blog post for more information.)

If your company is online-only, then it’s not as easy to get a Knowledge Panel. It is currently not possible for an online-only business or brand to apply for a Google Knowledge Panel. Instead, Google’s algorithm decides whether your brand or business merits a knowledge panel based on the online presence of your business.

One helpful step to gaining a Google Knowledge Panel for your online-only business or brand is to get your site on Google Search Console.

We’ll explain the steps for getting your website on Google Search Console. Like these steps and all steps mentioned, you must first establish a Google Account for your business. Open your Google Account here.

This image is the Knowledge Panel for the Stormcrow Entertainment, LLC film, RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, we have verified with Google that we own this film and so can update this knowledge panel by editing it and posting updates.

Step 1: Getting a Google Search Panel and Adding a Website Property

First you must be able to prove that you own the website in order to add it to your Google Search Console account. You do this by verifying your site ownership. These are all technical processes so if someone else manages your website for you, you’ll need to reach out them to verify your website.

  • Verify with an HTML File Upload
  • Verify with an HTML Tag
  • Verify with a DNS record
  • Verify with a Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Verify with a Google Tag Manager container snippet
  • Verify with Google Sites, Blogger or Google Domains.

Google has instructions posted on how to complete the steps above. You must have access to the back-end server for your website, or manage the Domain name for this website. This is different than the process for adding your website to the Google Search Console. Read the instructions here.

Step 2: Add a Web Property to your Google Search Console.

Google needs the URL or your website to add it to your Google Search Console. 

Step 3: Verify Ownership of Web Property in your Google Search Console.

Click on the Settings Button on the Left hand navigation of the Google Search Console page for the URL you entered above.

We have been verified by Google, but if you haven’t been, it will tell you here.

You also need to click on the Users and Permissions and make sure to add yourself here as well. This links your Google account, or another person’s Google account to this Google Search Console.

In our next installment we’ll walk you through editing your Knowledge Panel and setting up a Google Brand account with Google Photos or YouTube.

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